pueo brand

The Pueo is loved by many in Hawaii and oftentimes it is a families Aumakua or family protector. That is why we chose the name for our store. Our ancestors had a personal and spiritual connection with the Pueo. To honor this connection we want to help protect and preserve the Pueo and it's native habitat. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of any of our Pueo Brand logo tees, bags, scarves and jewelry goes to the Hawaii Wildlife Center. They are located on The Big Island and are dedicated to the preservation of all native species including the Pueo.

The mission of the Hawai`i Wildlife Center is to protect, conserve and aid in the recovery of Hawai`i’s native wildlife through hands-on treatment, training, research, science education and cultural programs.Their grand opening was on November 19th, 2011.

We also have artwork by Amie Yessis. Her images capture the beauty of the Pueo in it's natural habitat.

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